This is personal website of Mr. Abolfazl Mohammadijoo. I am currently working as an independent researcher in field of “Theoretical Physics”. I have Bachelor and Master Degrees in Mechanical Engineering (Control / Robotics) from best Universities in Iran, and have a great knowledge in Electrical Engineering and Computer engineering and Artificial Intelligence.
I am also a freelance Full Stack Developer and I teach programming and web development languages and also Machine Learning and Computer Vision by online tutoring, private tutoring or in Educational Workshops. If you have any kind of inquiry like request for tutoring or holding workshops or any other kind of collaboration, please kindly send me a message in bottom of this page or contact me directly via mobile or email. Download Resume

A little more about me:

My master degree is in Robotic and Control Engineering and I always loved this research field, but at the same time I loved to learn about computer engineering and Electrical Engineering. So, I started to learn all of bachelor courses of Electrical Engineering and some courses of Computer Engineering since 5 years ago. Now, my knowledge in Electrical engineering is at BSc level and in Computer engineering is at associate level and I have an official Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

I love “programming” and “AI” and I have learned a lot of programming languages and “ML” related subjects, since 4 years ago. I teach programming and Machine Learning and I have a considerable knowledge in IT and web development and I teach them as well. You can find more details about it, in my resume page.

Since Past Year, after watching some documentaries in field of Particle Physics and Astro-Physics and Big Bang Theory, I found a strong interest in myself about Theoretical Physics. So, as always, I started to learn more about Physics and I just finished bachelor courses of “Physics” recently. This time, I want to continue my Studies in Physics to PhD level, especially in fields of “Particle Physics” and “Astro-Physics”.

I have a tight schedule to reach my goal and after that, I hope, I can solve some mysterious unsolved problems in physics and about origin of universe and unification of standard model and etc. I hope my god will help me, like always was with me in my whole life.

In this path, I need some financial supports or donations, from any institution or anyone who read this page and cares about Science. So, if you want to support me financially, please contact me by my contact info at the bottom of this page.

My Main Knowledges

Mechanical Engineering

Marine Engineering

Control Engineering

Robotic Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Software Engineering

Theoritical Physics

Software Development


Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Web Development

Inductrial Automation



Graphic Design